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Breaking changes
  • dropped support for Python 3.7, added support for Python 3.11
  • unified methods for streaming resources
  • switched underlying HTTP library from requests to httpx
  • added support for asynchronous usage via ApifyClientAsync
  • added configurable socket timeout for requests to the Apify API
  • added py.typed file to signal type checkers that this package is typed
  • added method to update status message for a run
  • added option to set up webhooks for actor builds
  • added logger with basic debugging info
  • added support for schema parameter in get_or_create method for datasets and key-value stores
  • added support for title parameter in task and schedule methods
  • added x-apify-workflow-key header support
  • added support for flatten and view parameters in dataset items methods
  • added support for origin parameter in actor/task run methods
  • added clients for actor version environment variables
  • disallowed NaN and Infinity values in JSONs sent to the Apify API
Internal changes
  • simplified retrying with exponential backoff
  • improved checks for "not found" errors
  • simplified flake8 config
  • updated development dependencies
  • simplified development scripts
  • updated GitHub Actions versions to fix deprecations
  • unified unit test style
  • unified preparing resource representation
  • updated output management in GitHub Workflows to fix deprecations
  • improved type hints across codebase
  • added option to manually publish the package with a workflow dispatch
  • added pre-commit to run code quality checks before committing
  • converted unittest-style tests to pytest-style tests
  • backported project setup improvements from apify-sdk-python


  • Dropped support for single-file actors
Internal changes
  • updated dependencies
  • fixed some lint issues in shell scripts and
  • added Python 3.10 to unit test roster


  • improved retrying broken API server connections
  • fixed timeout value in actively waiting for a run to finish
Internal changes
  • updated development dependencies


  • improved handling of Enum arguments
  • improved support for storing more data types in key-value stores
  • fixed values of some ActorJobStatus Enum members


  • added the test() method to the webhook client
  • added support for indicating the pagination direction in the ListPage objects
  • improved support for storing more data types in datasets
  • fixed return type in the DatasetClient.list_items() method docs
Internal changes
  • added human-friendly names to the jobs in Github Action workflows
  • updated development dependencies


  • added the gracefully parameter to the "Abort run" method
  • replaced base_url with api_url in the client constructor to enable easier passing of the API server url from environment variables available to actors on the Apify platform
Internal changes
  • changed tags for actor images with this client on Docker Hub to be aligned with the Apify SDK Node.js images
  • updated the requests dependency to 2.26.0
  • updated development dependencies


  • methods using specific option values for arguments now use well-defined and documented Enums for those arguments instead of generic strings
  • made the submodule apify_client.consts containing the aforementioned Enums available
Internal changes
  • updated development dependencies
  • enforced unified use of single quotes and double quotes
  • added repository dispatch to build actor images with this client when publishing a new version


Initial release of the package.