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Apify Documentation

Learn how to extract value from the web with the Apify platform.

Getting started

Apify is all about Actors—a new way to package your code to make it easy to share, integrate, and build upon.
Actors on the Apify platformActors on the Apify platform
Actors on the Apify platformActors on the Apify platform


The full reference of the Apify platform.
Apify SDKApify SDK


Software toolkits for developing new Actors.
Apify APIApify API


Interact with the Apify platform from your applications.
Apify CLIApify CLI


Control the Apify platform from terminal or shell scripts.

Web scraping Academy

Free practical courses on web scraping and browser automation. Go from beginner to expert, all in one place.

Open-source tools



A popular web scraping and browser automation library.
Got ScrapingGot Scraping

Got Scraping

An HTTP client made for scraping based on Got.
Fingerprint SuiteFingerprint Suite

Fingerprint Suite

Browser fingerprinting tools for anonymizing your scrapers.
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Actor templates

Create new web scraping projects using ready-made templates for various programming languages and scraping libraries.

Community & Help

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Monetize your code

Publish your Actors on Apify Store and earn regular passive income.