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Learn to anonymously access websites in scraping/automation jobs. Improve data outputs and efficiency of bots, and access websites from various geographies.

Apify Proxy allows you to change your IP address when web scraping to reduce the chance of being blocked because of your geographical location.

You can use proxies in your Actors or any other application that supports HTTP proxies. Apify Proxy monitors the health of your IP pool and intelligently rotates addresses to prevent IP address-based blocking.

You can view your proxy settings and password on the Proxy page in Apify Console. For pricing information, visit


Usage of Apify Proxy means just a couple of lines of code, thanks to our SDKs for (JavaScript and Python):

import { Actor } from 'apify';
import { PuppeteerCrawler } from 'crawlee';

await Actor.init();

const proxyConfiguration = await Actor.createProxyConfiguration();

const crawler = new PuppeteerCrawler({
async requestHandler({ page }) {
console.log(await page.content());


await Actor.exit();

Proxy types

Several types of proxy servers exist, each offering distinct advantages, disadvantages, and varying pricing structures. You can use them to access websites from various geographies and with different levels of anonymity.