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Apify ChatGPT plugin

Let ChatGPT access up-to-date information on the web. Fetch Google Search results, crawl smaller websites, query web pages found, and download individual web pages or files.

The Apify ChatGPT plugin enables users to invoke various Actors on Apify, in order to fetch up-to-date content from the web within ChatGPT.

Currently, the plugin can use the following Actors:

By installing or using the Apify ChatGPT plugin, you're accepting Apify's Terms of use and Privacy policy.

How to use

Here are some example ChatGPT prompts that invoke the plugin:

  • How many plugins are currently available in the ChatGPT plugin store?
  • How can I submit a ChatGPT plugin for review?
  • Which is the most popular ChatGPT plugin?

See the example conversation.


Please note that Apify ChatGPT plugin is currently in beta, and based on feedback we receive, we'll keep improving its functionality. If you encounter any issues or require a new functionality, please let us know at