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Actor structure

All Python Actor templates follow the same structure.

The .actor directory contains the Actor configuration, such as the Actor's definition and input schema, and the Dockerfile necessary to run the Actor on the Apify platform.

The Actor's runtime dependencies are specified in the requirements.txt file, which follows the standard requirements file format.

The Actor's source code is in the src folder. This folder contains two important files:, which contains the main function of the Actor, and, which is the entrypoint of the Actor package, setting up the Actor logger and executing the Actor's main function via

from apify import Actor

async def main():
async with Actor:'Actor input:', await Actor.get_input())
await Actor.set_value('OUTPUT', 'Hello, world!')

If you want to modify the Actor structure, you need to make sure that your Actor is executable as a module, via python -m src, as that is the command started by apify run in the Apify CLI. We recommend keeping the entrypoint for the Actor in the src/ file.