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Version: 3.0



  • ActorStartOptions
    • CallOptions




build?: string

Tag or number of the actor build to run (e.g. beta or 1.2.345). If not provided, the run uses build tag or number from the default actor run configuration (typically latest).


contentType?: string

Content type for the input. If not specified, input is expected to be an object that will be stringified to JSON and content type set to application/json; charset=utf-8. If options.contentType is specified, then input must be a String or Buffer.


memory?: number

Memory in megabytes which will be allocated for the new actor run. If not provided, the run uses memory of the default actor run configuration.


timeout?: number

Timeout for the actor run in seconds. Zero value means there is no timeout. If not provided, the run uses timeout of the default actor run configuration.


token?: string

User API token that is used to run the actor. By default, it is taken from the APIFY_TOKEN environment variable.


waitForFinish?: number

Maximum time to wait for the actor run to finish, in seconds. If the limit is reached, the returned promise is resolved to a run object that will have status READY or RUNNING and it will not contain the actor run output. If waitSecs is null or undefined, the function waits for the actor to finish (default behavior).


webhooks?: readonly WebhookUpdateData[]

Specifies optional webhooks associated with the actor run, which can be used to receive a notification e.g. when the actor finished or failed, see ad hook webhooks documentation for detailed description.