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Crawl some links on a website

This CheerioCrawler example uses the pseudoUrls property in the enqueueLinks() method to only add links to the RequestQueue queue if they match the specified regular expression.

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import { Actor } from 'apify';
import { CheerioCrawler } from 'crawlee';

await Actor.init();

// Create a CheerioCrawler
const crawler = new CheerioCrawler({
// Limits the crawler to only 10 requests (do not use if you want to crawl all links)
maxRequestsPerCrawl: 10,
// Function called for each URL
async requestHandler({ request, enqueueLinks }) {
// Add some links from page to the crawler's RequestQueue
await enqueueLinks({
pseudoUrls: ['http[s?]://[.+]/[.+]'],

// Define the starting URL and run the crawler

await Actor.exit();