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Connection settings

Documentation of Apify Proxy that enables anonymization of access to websites and IP rotation.

The following table shows the HTTP proxy connection settings for the Apify Proxy.

Parameter Value / explanation
Proxy type HTTP
Port 8000
Username Specifies the proxy parameters. See username parameters below for details.
Beware that this is not your Apify username!
Password Proxy password. Your password is displayed on the Proxy page in the app.
Also, in Apify actors, it is passed as the APIFY_PROXY_PASSWORD
environment variable. See actor documentation for more details.
Connection URL http://<username>:<password>

WARNING: All usage of Apify Proxy with your password is charged towards your account. Do not share the password with untrusted parties or use it from insecure networks, because the password is sent unencrypted due to the limitations of the HTTP protocol.