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Learn how to integrate Apify with LlamaIndex to feed vector databases and LLMs with data crawled from the web.

For more information on LlamaIndex, visit its documentation.

What is LlamaIndex?

LlamaIndex is a platform that allows you to create and manage vector databases and LLMs.

How to integrate Apify with LlamaIndex?

These two components that you can integrate with LlamaIndex:

  • Apify dataset
  • Apify Actor

This example focuses on integrating Apify with LlamaIndex using the Apify Actor.

Before we start with the integration, we need to install all dependencies:

pip install apify-client llama-index

After successfully installing all dependencies, we can start writing Python code. To use the Apify Actor loader, import download_loader, Document. Then, we need to import the loader using the method download_loader.

from llama_index import download_loader
from llama_index.readers.schema.base import Document

# Converts a single record from the Actor's resulting dataset to the LlamaIndex format
def tranform_dataset_item(item):
return Document(
"url": item.get("url"),

ApifyActor = download_loader("ApifyActor")

reader = ApifyActor("<My Apify API token>")
documents = reader.load_data(
run_input={"startUrls": [{"url": ""}]},