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Learn how to integrate your Apify Actors with GitHub. This article shows you several possible integrations.

Get started

To use the Apify integration for GitHub, you will need:

Create an Actor from a GitHub repository

Learn how to create an Actor from a GitHub repository. This is useful if you want to automatically deploy and build your code or push to your GitHub repository.

New Actor page

Selecting Link Git repository will open a new modal to select a provider to use. Selecting GitHub will open a new window with GitHub authentication and select a GitHub repository.

Git provider select modal

To link an account, click on Add GitHub account and follow the instructions on Certain organizations or users can be selected.

Git repository account select

You can switch among all authorized users and organizations.

Git repository account select

If the required repository is missing, try finding it with Search.


An Actor is created immediately from the selected repository.

Deploy changes automatically

Create an issue when a run fails