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Google Drive integration

Learn how to integrate your Apify Actors with Google Drive. This article shows you how to automatically save results to your drive when an Actor run succeeds.

Completementary to the following guide we've created a detailed video, that will guide you through the process of setting up your Google Drive integration.

Get started

To use the Apify integration for Google Drive, you will need:

Set up Google Drive integration

  1. Head over to Integrations tab in your saved task and click on the Google Drive integration.

    Google Drive integration

  2. Click on Sign in with Google button and select the account with which you want to use the integration.

    Google Drive integration signup

  3. Select the desired format of the dataset file.

    Google Drive integration format

  4. Click on Save & enable the integration.

    Google Drive integration save

Once this is done, run your Actor to test whether the integration is working.