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Actor tasks

Save configurations of your Apify Actors for later. Create multiple configurations of the same Actor tailored to various use cases.

Tasks let you create multiple re-usable configurations of a single Actor that are adapted for specific use cases. For example, you can create one Web Scraper (apify/web-scraper) configuration (task) that scrapes the latest reviews from, another that scrapes for the latest sneakers, and a third that scrapes your competitor's e-shop. You can then use and reuse these configurations directly from Apify Console, Schedules, or API.

All your tasks are listed at

You can create tasks both for your personal Actors and for those made by someone else. Just search Apify Store to find an Actor you want to use and click the Create new task button.

Like any other resource, you can share your Actor tasks with other Apify users via the access rights system.


Open any Actor from Apify Store or your list of Actors in Apify Console. At the top-right section of the page, click the Create empty task button.

Create a new Apify task


You can set up your task's input under the Input and options tab. A task's input configuration works just like an Actor's. After all, it is just a copy of an Actor you can pre-configure for a specific scenario. You can use either JSON or the visual input UI.

Apify task configuration

Actors' input fields will vary depending on their purpose, but they all follow the same principle: you provide an Actor with the information it needs so it can do what you want it to do.

You can set run options such as timeout and memory at the bottom of the input section.

Identifying tasks

To make a task easier to identify, you can give it a name, title, and description by clicking it's caption on the detail page. A task's name should be 3-63 characters long.


You can grant access rights to other Apify users under the Settings tab of their detail page.


Once you've configured you task, you can run it using the Run button in the bottom-left side of the Input and options tab.

Run an Apify task

You can also run tasks using: