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Monetize your Actor

Learn how you can monetize your web scraping and automation projects by publishing Actors to users in Apify Store.

When publishing your Actor on the Apify platform, you have the choice to make it a Paid Actor and get paid by the users benefiting from your tool.

Pricing models

All Actors in Apify Store fall into one of these three pricing models:

  1. free - you can run the Actor freely, and you only pay for platform usage the Actor generates.
  2. rental - same as free, but in order to be able to run the Actor after the trial period, you need to rent it from the developer and pay a flat monthly fee on the top of the platform usage that the Actor generates.
  3. paid per result - you do not pay for the platform usage that the Actor generates but only for the results it produces.

Where to start

To start monetizing your Actor, follow our guide in Apify Academy.