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Learn how to deploy your Actor to the Apify platform and build them.

The deployment of your Actor is the process of uploading your Actor source code and building it on the Apify platform. After that, you can easily run and scale your Actor in the cloud.

Apify CLI

The easiest and fastest way to get your Actor deployed and built is to use Apify CLI. If you followed one of the tutorials, you should already have it installed. If you do not have Apify CLI installed, then follow the instructions at Apify CLI documentation to install it. Then you can simply log in to your Apify account by running:

apify login

and then deploy your Actor by running:

apify push

When you deploy an Actor using the CLI, the code gets deployed as "multiple source files" Actor source type and so the code is visible and editable via web IDE: Web IDE

This works only until a certain size; after that, Apify CLI deploys the code as a Zip file.

Other ways (Zip, Git, Gist)

There are more ways how to deploy your Actor to the Apify platform. But in this case, you need to first manually create the Actor in Apify Console, and then you can switch its source type:

Actor source types

This enables you to link a Git repository, Gist, or Zip file to your Actor. You will find more information on all source types in the following chapter.