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Builds and runs

Learn about Actor builds and runs, their lifecycle, versioning, and other properties.

Actor builds and runs are two main primitives you need to know when you work with the Apify platform. If you take your source code and start building your Actor, you are creating a build. The build is a Docker image containing the source code and required dependencies needed to run the Actor:

If you take your build and start running with some input it, then you are creating a run:


Actor builds and runs share their lifecycle. Each build and run starts with the initial status READY and goes through one or more transitional statuses to one of the terminal statuses.

READYinitialStarted but not allocated to any worker yet
RUNNINGtransitionalExecuting on a worker machine
SUCCEEDEDterminalFinished successfully
FAILEDterminalRun failed
TIMING-OUTtransitionalTiming out now
TIMED-OUTterminalTimed out
ABORTINGtransitionalBeing aborted by user
ABORTEDterminalAborted by user