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Sub-client for manipulating schedules.





  • create(*, cron_expression, is_enabled, is_exclusive, name, actions, description, timezone, title): Dict

  • Parameters

    • cron_expression: strkeyword-only

      The cron expression used by this schedule

    • is_enabled: boolkeyword-only

      True if the schedule should be enabled

    • is_exclusive: boolkeyword-only

      When set to true, don’t start actor or actor task if it’s still running from the previous schedule.

    • name: Optional[str] = Noneoptionalkeyword-only

      The name of the schedule to create.

    • actions: Optional[List[Dict]] = Noneoptionalkeyword-only

      Actors or tasks that should be run on this schedule. See the API documentation for exact structure.

    • description: Optional[str] = Noneoptionalkeyword-only

      Description of this schedule

    • timezone: Optional[str] = Noneoptionalkeyword-only

      Timezone in which your cron expression runs (TZ database name from

    • title: Optional[str] = Noneoptionalkeyword-only

    Returns Dict

    The created schedule.


  • list(*, limit, offset, desc): ListPage[Dict]

  • Parameters

    • limit: Optional[int] = Noneoptionalkeyword-only

      How many schedules to retrieve

    • offset: Optional[int] = Noneoptionalkeyword-only

      What schedules to include as first when retrieving the list

    • desc: Optional[bool] = Noneoptionalkeyword-only

      Whether to sort the schedules in descending order based on their modification date

    Returns ListPage[Dict]

    The list of available schedules matching the specified filters.