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Async sub-client for manipulating a single actor version.




  • async delete(): None


  • Retrieve the client for the specified environment variable of this actor version.


    • env_var_name: str

      The name of the environment variable for which to retrieve the resource client.

    Returns ActorEnvVarClientAsync

    The resource client for the specified actor environment variable.



  • async get(): dict | None


  • async update(*, build_tag, env_vars, apply_env_vars_to_build, source_type, source_files, git_repo_url, tarball_url, github_gist_url): dict

  • Parameters

    • build_tag: str | None = Nonekeyword-only

      Tag that is automatically set to the latest successful build of the current version.

    • env_vars: list[dict] | None = Nonekeyword-only

      Environment variables that will be available to the actor run process, and optionally also to the build process. See the API docs for their exact structure.

    • apply_env_vars_to_build: bool | None = Nonekeyword-only

      Whether the environment variables specified for the actor run will also be set to the actor build process.

    • source_type: ActorSourceType | None = Nonekeyword-only

      What source type is the actor version using.

    • source_files: list[dict] | None = Nonekeyword-only

      Source code comprised of multiple files, each an item of the array. Required when `source_type` is `ActorSourceType.SOURCE_FILES`. See the API docs for the exact structure.

    • git_repo_url: str | None = Nonekeyword-only

      The URL of a Git repository from which the source code will be cloned. Required when `source_type` is `ActorSourceType.GIT_REPO`.

    • tarball_url: str | None = Nonekeyword-only

      The URL of a tarball or a zip archive from which the source code will be downloaded. Required when `source_type` is `ActorSourceType.TARBALL`.

    • github_gist_url: str | None = Nonekeyword-only

      The URL of a GitHub Gist from which the source will be downloaded. Required when `source_type` is `ActorSourceType.GITHUB_GIST`.

    Returns dict

    The updated actor version