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Sub-client for manipulating actors.





  • create(*, name, title, description, seo_title, seo_description, versions, restart_on_error, is_public, is_deprecated, is_anonymously_runnable, categories, default_run_build, default_run_max_items, default_run_memory_mbytes, default_run_timeout_secs, example_run_input_body, example_run_input_content_type): Dict

  • Parameters

    • name: strkeyword-only

      The name of the actor

    • title: Optional[str] = Noneoptionalkeyword-only

      The title of the actor (human-readable)

    • description: Optional[str] = Noneoptionalkeyword-only

      The description for the actor

    • seo_title: Optional[str] = Noneoptionalkeyword-only

      The title of the actor optimized for search engines

    • seo_description: Optional[str] = Noneoptionalkeyword-only

      The description of the actor optimized for search engines

    • versions: Optional[List[Dict]] = Noneoptionalkeyword-only

      The list of actor versions

    • restart_on_error: Optional[bool] = Noneoptionalkeyword-only

      If true, the main actor run process will be restarted whenever it exits with a non-zero status code.

    • is_public: Optional[bool] = Noneoptionalkeyword-only

      Whether the actor is public.

    • is_deprecated: Optional[bool] = Noneoptionalkeyword-only

      Whether the actor is deprecated.

    • is_anonymously_runnable: Optional[bool] = Noneoptionalkeyword-only

      Whether the actor is anonymously runnable.

    • categories: Optional[List[str]] = Noneoptionalkeyword-only

      The categories to which the actor belongs to.

    • default_run_build: Optional[str] = Noneoptionalkeyword-only

      Tag or number of the build that you want to run by default.

    • default_run_max_items: Optional[int] = Noneoptionalkeyword-only

      Default limit of the number of results that will be returned by runs of this Actor, if the Actor is charged per result.

    • default_run_memory_mbytes: Optional[int] = Noneoptionalkeyword-only

      Default amount of memory allocated for the runs of this actor, in megabytes.

    • default_run_timeout_secs: Optional[int] = Noneoptionalkeyword-only

      Default timeout for the runs of this actor in seconds.

    • example_run_input_body: Optional[Any] = Noneoptionalkeyword-only

      Input to be prefilled as default input to new users of this actor.

    • example_run_input_content_type: Optional[str] = Noneoptionalkeyword-only

      The content type of the example run input.

    Returns Dict

    The created actor.


  • list(*, my, limit, offset, desc): ListPage[Dict]

  • Parameters

    • my: Optional[bool] = Noneoptionalkeyword-only

      If True, will return only actors which the user has created themselves.

    • limit: Optional[int] = Noneoptionalkeyword-only

      How many actors to list

    • offset: Optional[int] = Noneoptionalkeyword-only

      What actor to include as first when retrieving the list

    • desc: Optional[bool] = Noneoptionalkeyword-only

      Whether to sort the actors in descending order based on their creation date

    Returns ListPage[Dict]

    The list of available actors matching the specified filters.