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Environment variables

Learn how to provide your actor with context that determines its behavior through a plethora of pre-defined environment variables offered by the Apify SDK.

Aside from custom environment variables, the actor's process has several environment variables set to provide it with context:

Environment Variable Description
APIFY_ACTOR_ID ID of the actor.
APIFY_ACTOR_RUN_ID ID of the actor run.
APIFY_ACTOR_BUILD_ID ID of the actor build used in the run.
APIFY_ACTOR_BUILD_NUMBER Build number of the actor build used in the run.
APIFY_ACTOR_TASK_ID ID of the actor task.
It's empty if actor is run outside of any task,
e.g. directly using the API.
APIFY_ACTOR_EVENTS_WS_URL Websocket URL where actor may listen
for events from Actor platform.
See documentation for more information.
APIFY_DEFAULT_DATASET_ID ID of the dataset where you can
push the data.
APIFY_DEFAULT_KEY_VALUE_STORE_ID ID of the key-value store where
the actor's input and output data
are stored.
APIFY_DEFAULT_REQUEST_QUEUE_ID ID of the request queue that stores
and handles requests that you enqueue.
APIFY_INPUT_KEY The key of the record in
the default key-value store
that holds the actor input.
Typically it's INPUT, but
it might be something else.
APIFY_HEADLESS If set to 1, the web browsers inside
the actor should run in
headless mode because there is no
windowing system available.
APIFY_IS_AT_HOME Is set to 1 if the actor is running
on Apify servers.
APIFY_MEMORY_MBYTES Indicates the size of memory
allocated for the actor run,
in megabytes.
It can be used by actors
to optimize their memory usage.
APIFY_PROXY_PASSWORD The Apify Proxy password of the user
who started the actor.
APIFY_STARTED_AT Date when the actor was started.
APIFY_TIMEOUT_AT Date when the actor will time out.
APIFY_TOKEN The API token of the user
who started the actor.
APIFY_USER_ID ID of the user who started the actor.
Note that it might be different
than the owner of the actor.
APIFY_CONTAINER_PORT TCP port on which the actor can
start a HTTP server to receive
messages from the outside world.
See Container web server section
for more details.
APIFY_CONTAINER_URL A unique public URL under which
the actor run web server is accessible
from the outside world.
See Container web server section
for more details.

Dates are always in the UTC timezone and are represented in simplified extended ISO format (ISO 8601), e.g. 2022-07-13T14:23:37.281Z.

To access environment variables in Node.js, use the process.env object, for example:


To access environment variables in Python, use the os.environ dictionary, for example:

import os