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Actor config

Learn how to write the main actor config in the `.actor/actor.json` file.

The main actor config should live in the .actor/actor.json file in the actor's root directory. This file associates your local development project with an actor on the Apify platform. It contains information such as actor name, version, build tag, and environment variables. Make sure you commit this file to the Git repository.

For example, the .actor/actor.json file can look this:

  "actorSpecification": 1, // always 1
  "name": "name-of-my-scraper",
  "version": "0.0",
  "buildTag": "latest",
  "environmentVariables": {
      "MYSQL_USER": "my_username",
      "MYSQL_PASSWORD": "@mySecretPassword"
  "dockerfile": "./Dockerfile",
  "readme": "./",
  "input": "./input_schema.json",
  "storages": {
    "dataset": "./dataset_schema.json",

Note that actor name, version, and buildTag are for informative purposes only, so they are not enforced on the platform right now. You will still need to properly name your actor during its creation, whether you create it directly on the platform or push it using the Apify CLI.

dockerfile field
If you specify the path to your Docker file under the dockerfile field, this file will be used for actor builds on the platform. If not specified, the system will look for Docker files at .actor/Dockerfile and Dockerfile, in this order of preference.

readme field
If you specify the path to your README file under the readme field, the README at this path will be used on the platform. If not specified, README at .actor/ or will be used, in this order of preference.

input field
You can embed your input schema object directly in actor.json under the input field. Alternatively, you can provide a path to a custom input schema. If not provided, the input schema at .actor/INPUT_SCHEMA.json or INPUT_SCHEMA.json is used, in this order of preference.

storages.dataset field
You can define the schema of the items in your dataset under the storages.dataset field. This can be either an embedded object or a path to a JSON schema file. Read more about actor output schema.