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User-Agent Switcher

Learn how to easily switch your User-Agent header to different values in order to monitor how a certain site responds to the changes.

User-Agent Switcher is a simple Chrome extension that allows you to quickly change your User-Agent and see how a certain website would behave with different user agents. After adding it to Chrome, you'll see a Chrome UA Spoofer button in the extension icons area. Clicking on it will open up a list of various User-Agent groups.

User-Agent Switcher groups

Clicking on a group will display a list of possible user-agents to set.

Default available Internet Explorer agents

After setting the User-Agent, the page will be refreshed.


The extension configuration page allows you to edit the User-Agent list in case you want to add a specific user-agent that isn't already provided. You can find some other options, but most likely you will never need to modify those.

User-Agent Switcher configuration page