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Submitting a form with file attachment

When doing web automation with Apify, it can sometimes be necessary to submit an HTML form with a file attachment. This article will cover a situation where the file is publicly accessible (e.g. hosted somewhere) and will use an Apify Actor. If it's impossible to use request-promise, it might be necessary to use Puppeteer.

Downloading the file to memory

How to submit a form with attachment using request-promise.

After creating a new Actor, the first thing to do is download the file. We can do that using the request-promise module, so make sure it is included.

const request = require('request-promise');

The actual downloading is going to be slightly different for text and binary files. For a text file, do it like this:

const fileData = await request('');

For a binary file, we need to provide additional parameters so as not to interpret it as text:

const fileData = await request({
uri: '',
encoding: null,

In this case, fileData will be a Buffer instead of a String.

Submitting the form

When the file is ready, we can submit the form as follows:

await request({
uri: '',
method: 'POST',

formData: {
// set any form values
name: 'John',
surname: 'Doe',
email: '',

// add the attachment
attachment: {
value: fileData,
options: {
filename: 'file.pdf',
contentType: 'application/pdf',

The header Content-Type: multipart/form-data will be set automatically.