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How to save screenshots from puppeteer

A good way to debug your puppeteer crawler in Apify Actors is to save a screenshot of a browser window to the Apify key-value store. You can do that using this function:

* Store screen from puppeteer page to Apify key-value store
* @param page - Instance of puppeteer Page class
* @param [key] - Function stores your screen in Apify key-value store under this key
* @return {Promise<void>}
const saveScreen = async (page, key = 'debug-screen') => {
const screenshotBuffer = await page.screenshot({ fullPage: true });
await Apify.setValue(key, screenshotBuffer, { contentType: 'image/png' });

This function takes the parameters page (an instance of a puppeteer page) and key (your screen is stored under this key function in the Apify key-value store).

Because this is so common use-case Apify SDK has a utility function called saveSnapshot that does exactly this and a little bit more:

  • You can choose the quality of your screenshots (high-quality images take more size)

  • You can also save the HTML of the page

A simple example in an Apify Actor:

import { Actor } from 'apify';
import { puppeteerUtils, launchPuppeteer } from 'crawlee';

Actor.main(async () => {
const input = await Actor.getValue('INPUT');

console.log('Launching Puppeteer...');
const browser = await launchPuppeteer();

const page = await browser.newPage();
await page.goto(input.url);

await puppeteerUtils.saveSnapshot(page, { key: 'test-screen' });

console.log('Closing Puppeteer...');
await browser.close();


After you call the function, your screen appears in the KEY-VALUE STORE tab in the Actor console. You can click on the row with your saved screen and it'll open it in a new window.

Puppeteer Key-Value store

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us in chat.

Happy coding!