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Why a glossary?

Browse important web scraping concepts, tools and topics in succinct articles explaining common web development terms in a web scraping and automation context.

Web scraping comes with a lot of terms that are specific to the area. Some of them are tools and libraries, like Playwright or Insomnia. Others are general topics that have a special place in web scraping, like headless browsers or browser fingerprints. And some topics are related to all web development, but play a special role in web scraping, such as HTTP headers and cookies.

When writing the academy, we very early on realized that we needed a place to reference these terms, but quickly found out that the usual tutorials and guides available all over the web weren't the most ideal. The explanations were too broad and generic and did not fit the web scraping context. With the Apify Academy glossary, we aim to provide you with short articles and lessons that provide the necessary web scraping context for specific terms, then link to other parts of the web for further in-depth reading.