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Getting started

Get started with the Apify platform by creating an account and learning about the Apify Console, which is where all Apify Actors are born!

Your gateway to the Apify platform is your Apify account. The great thing about creating an account is that we support integration with both Google and GitHub, which takes only about 30 seconds!

  1. Create your account on the sign up page.
  2. Check your email, you should have a verification email with a link. Click it!
  3. Done! 👍

Getting to know the platform

Now that you have an account, you have access to the Apify Console, which is a wonderful place where you utilize all of the features the platform has to offer, as well as manage and test your own projects.

Next up

In our next lesson, we'll learn about something super exciting - Actors. Actors are the living and breathing core of the Apify platform and are an extremely powerful concept. What are you waiting for? Let's jump right into the next lesson!