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Managing source

View in-depth answers for all three of the quiz questions that were provided in the corresponding lesson about managing source code.

In the lesson corresponding to this solution, we discussed an extremely important topic: source code management. Though we solved the task right in the lesson, we've still included the quiz answers here.

Quiz answers‚Äč

Q: Do you have to rebuild an actor each time the source code is changed?

A: Yes. It needs to be built into an image, saved in a registry, and later on run in a container.

Q: In Git, what is the difference between pushing changes and making a pull request?

A: Pushing changes to the remote branch based on the content on the local branch. The pushing of code changes is usually made to a branch parallel to the one you want to eventually push it to.

When creating a pull request, the code is meant to be reviewed, or at least pass all the test suites before being merged into the target branch.

Q: Based on your knowledge and experience, is the apify push command worth using (in your opinion)?

A: The apify push command can sometimes be useful when testing ideas; however, it is much more ideal to use GitHub integration rather than directly pushing to the platform.