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What is Apify?

Learn about what Apify is and how it can help you. Get familiar with the platform and take you first steps in using actors.

Apify is an online platform specializing in web scraping, data processing and robotic process automation.

Apify Store includes a range of ready-made tools such as Booking Scraper (dtrungtin/booking-scraper), SEO Audit Tool (drobnikj/seo-audit-tool), or the Google Sheets Import & Export (lukaskrivka/google-sheets) tool. You can try all of these for free right now.

If your needs are more specific, you can order a custom solution from us.

Get started

Check out this video on how to use our Amazon Scraper (vaclavrut/amazon-crawler). It introduces how web scraping can help your business and serves as a foundation on how to start using other ready-made actors.

For an overview of all of Apify's features, take a tour of the platform.


When you're ready to go more in depth, visit our tutorials page, which guides you through using our ready-made scrapers.

How does Apify work?

Almost everything we do is centered around actors. Actors are cloud programs that can scrape web pages, process data, automate workflows or anything else you can imagine.

You can learn more about actors from their documentation.